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Jason's Home Improvement & Repair, Home Improvements, Raeford, NC
Professionally insured by InsuranceBee
We have:

GL_tick_imageGeneral liability insurance
1.Are we licensed? We are a small home improvement company registered to perform contracting work under $30K. We offer small scale home remodeling and repair. State of NC does not require a state general contractors license for contracts under 30K. Providing the services we offer, we are able to keep cost down without the extra overhead that comes with a state license in which a home builder would need. So, if you are looking in to major home renovations we suggest contacting a state license contractor. However, if you are looking into smaller updates and repairs we are here to assist you with affordable rates.  

2. Are we insured? Yes with a commercial general liability policy of $300,000. 

3.What do we NOT do? Complete roofing, HVAC, plumbing, electrical. Though we do work with some outstanding local companies who offer these services, we would be happy to connect you. We do not do foundation, structural, or additions. We recommend a state licensed general contractor for those type of jobs.  

4. Do we offer a warranty? Yes, all labor is covered with at least a one-year warranty. 

5. Do we have contracts? Yes, all work performed is done so on a written contract. 

6.How are we paid? A typical contract is payable with a 50% deposit at acceptance with the balance being due at completion. We accept all major credit/debit cards through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account, we can email you a payable invoice. This is a great solution for our out of state clients who do not wish to share their card numbers with a contractor. We also accept cash and certified checks from National Banks. We do not offer financing at this time; however you can look in to small loans from places such as Time Finance.


•Mhike S. 
I decided to use Jason's home improvement for a new deck. He showed up same day for the estimate. He was very detail oriented and accommodating with what I wanted. We agreed on a price that I thought overall was fair. The details were all put into a contract that we both signed, and work started a few days later. My only concern to this point was it took half the money to get started. Other than that everything seemed very professional. Throughout the process I was informed of any issues immediately and he made sure everything was right and that we were satisfied before he moved forward. It took a little time to finish but he still managed to do it in the quoted time he said. He mostly works by himself with one other person helping. The building inspector always passed the work that was done, and the end result was a really nice looking deck. I won't hesitate to use him again in the future for any other home improvements.

•Sonia V. 
 Recommends your business
Jason Home Improvements did a great job on the framing and installing of my new back door. Also, was quick to respond to calls and providing quote.

•R Veloz
Quick, no-nonsense, professional work. I called Jason's Home Improvements based off of a referral from the Next-Door app and was not disappointed. If I need more repairs around the house I will be calling JHI.

•Erin Lamonica
I had Jason come out to do an estimate for many small repairs on an inspection report. We had a short time line to work with as we are selling our home. Jason came out to look over repairs within 2 days of my call, spent about an hr. to go through repair list with me and 48 hrs. later I had an itemized list with repair costs for a reasonable cost. The following week, Jason showed up on time and did repairs in a timely manner and we are pleased with his work and will use him in the future. I would highly recommend him for your home repair/project needs!

•Edward Newby This is a good company, they came in and repaired a project for me that another contractor had really messed up.

Reviews from our clients:

​•Kgosi Johnson
I had Jason's Home Improvements come work on the side of my house which was falling apart. They did such a nice job, it looks like nothing was ever wrong with that side of the house. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their work has been a huge amount of stress off of my shoulders!!

•Alvin & Delores Cotton Friday, 10/25/13, 10:16 AM
We used Jason's Home Improvement to remove a patio door and wall in the entrance. He is very professional and knowledgeable in his business. He made suggestions about how the finished outcome would look. We went with his ideas and we are very pleased. The walled-up portion looks like a door has never been there and the inside looks the same too. The paint that was used inside matched up perfectly with the rest of the room.